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A New Approach to Startup Fundraising
Most Founders Look for Investors Using 2 Methods
The Shotgun Approach

General networking and pitchfest competitions in the hopes of getting meetings or introductions to investors. 
Basic Search for Investors by Industry

Basic internet/database searches to generate a long list of potential investors.
Using these approaches will lead to:
-Lots of wasted time
-Increased founder stress
-The endless chase for investors can ultimately kill a startup.

How do we know this?
Our team is made up entirely of individuals that have been both founders and investors in venture-backed companies ranging from pre-seed startups to publicly traded corporations. 
How We Find SmartMoney Investors 
M&A Landscape
We study exits in your industry and look at who funded them.
Relevant Deals
We look at actual deals done to gauge investor interest.
Investor Profile
We look for the individual partner or angel who invested in the deal and gauge that individual's industry expertise.
Strategic Insights
We study the gorillas and flow of funds in your industry to better understand where the industry is headed. 
Our Founder Explains the SmartMoney Approach
Your Startup Needs a Shortlist of SmartMoney Investors
A target list is key to getting warm introductions because it allows you to tap into the networks of your current advisors, investors and team. 

Pitching SmartMoney investors will allow you to stop wasting time meeting with investors who don't really understand your business. 
Investor David Chang Explains the Benefits of the SmartMoney Approach
David Chang has invested in over 50 startups, was a key executive at PayPal, Trip Advisor & Goldman Sachs and he serves as a mentor at Techstars, Mass Challenge, and Harvard Business School. 
How to Work With the SmartMoney Team
Fundraising Sprint Program
Online Group Class With Entrepreneurs From All Over the World
4 Week Digital Course
We Teach You:
How to Build Your Own Target List
How to Refine Your Investor Messaging
Find Warm Introductions to Your Shortlist
  • 4 Group Instructional Webinars
  • 4 Group AMA  Sessions w/our Founder
  • 4 Private Sessions w/our Associates
  • 3 month membership in SmartMoney Community Mastermind
Fast Track 
Target List Project

Our Team Will Conduct the Investor Research for You
3 Week Consulting Engagement 
We Deliver:
Investor Target List
Market Map of Relevant Industries
Strategic Insights From M&A Landscape
Investor Email Templates
  • 3 Strategy Sessions w/our team
  • 3 month membership in Elite Mastermind
Ketos CEO & SmartMoney Startups Member Meena Sankaran Talks About The Fundraising Sprint Program
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